Breakfast Just Got Easier: Fried Eggs in the Oven

So, I can’t believe that I, me, didn’t take a picture… and it’s not like cooking breakfast is a stretch or a surprise, but earlier this morning, when I checked FB to see what I could have possibly missed while I slept, low (behold what did I see… fried eggs cooked in the oven!!! Fried eggs, cooked in the oven! GAME CHANGER!!! I learned years ago to bake my bacon, but this was something new. Given the fact that I once bought a pineapple because of the creative pineapple marketing and the commercial that gave an “actual demonstration” of how to cut one, cooking eggs in the oven was a no brainer. The result, damg, (purposely misspelled as to not actually swear) fantastic… perfect… do you know how much easier Easter morning breakfast will be now?!? (not to rush the holidays or time) And, I will actually get to eat with the fam and friends, usually, the egg cooker is the last to eat and typically all alone, not only does that sound sad, it is!!!! Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, preheat a baking sheet, oil it and drop the eggs, five minutes, perfect sunny side up eggs, cooked to perfection and if like me, you don’t like the yolk staring at you, halfway through the process flip it, or even at the end, as the pan will still be hot, carefully flip them and by the time you have flipped them all and gone back to the first egg you’ve flipped there will be a perfectly cooked, not sunny side up egg to plate.

If you cook something other than monkey bread Christmas morning, my grandma used to make fried bread dough with butter and cinnamon sugar, yum, you could try this technique, I promise it is no fail and they taste so good. And don’t forget how simple and easy is that?!?

Enjoy eating and cooking and celebrating, whatever the occasion with your family and friends.