What Does Your Big Game Snacking Say About You?

The day is almost here. You have pretended you were on the field with your dream touchdowns and fake ankle injuries thanks to your fantasy football teams for months and now the day is nearly here.

Some are happy at the possibility of a win, some can’t wait for the commercials, others the beer and friends. There are others yet, who only really dream about the big game because of the snacks, the food, the footlong subs, bbq wienies, and hot wings. Who are you, what kind of snacker are you, and what does that say about you?

What big game snack would you be and what does your snack say about you?

I have read a few articles, agreed with them and laughed my ass off at their interpretation of who you are based on your likes and dislikes at the snack table. Although I may or may not stand on the side of science with these opinions, here goes.

Do you find yourself reaching for the tortilla chips, maybe with a little guacamole and salsa? Guess what? If you are craving a tortilla chip you might be a perfectionist with humanitarian causes. If that doesn’t sound ideal, hang on, you are an organized dependable planner, that sounds better, right?

What about spicy food? Hot wings, Sriracha, Flamming’ Cheetos, etc., well get ready, you probably already know this, but you are a thrill-seeker. It is said to be true, if you like the burning fire of spicy food you may also very much like bungy jumping, rollercoasters and love relationships. That last one just might be authentic, but it sounded thrilling to add it.

The next time someone says to put that potato chip down, say no way, silly clown. Eating potato chips says you are a successful high achiever in business and family life. Your downside potato chip lover is that you can get frustrated easily, so grab one chip at a time and remember to breathe.

If you think that you are more sophisticated and raise your pinkie with the likes of a charcuterie board, most specifically the crackers (and cheese), you contemplative and thoughtful. If this is you, you base your decisions on logic and not emotions. Together with these amazing traits, you also value your private time and don’t like being interrupted. Added bonus, you do well with pretzel snackers, they are lively and extremely compatible with you, however, pretzel snackers are best suited with cheese curl lovers.

Snacking reveals an assortment of fun facts about you and who you really are. people pleasers tend to eat too much in social settings. If you tend to be an over-emotional eater, you may tend to eat twinkies, (I made that snack up, but sounds fitting), in the closet. Do you like Fruits and Veggies? If this is your style of snacking you are a conscientious person. There is nothing mind-shattering about this last eating trait, if you are an extrovert, you likely indulge in fatty foods, sweets, and alcohol.

I really don’t know how true any of this crap is, but I can say that I did recognize a few eating habits of my own in the personality traits. Just saying, there might be a thimble’s worth of truth in this science and snacking idea. (A thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing)

I am a thimble!